We are the global company located in 40 countries, we provide a wide range of opportunities for all of our 6000 employees and all of you who want to make a difference and join AMMEGA. As a team member, you can develop the sector together with us by providing advanced and high-quality belting solutions for 20 different industries, including global logistics, food production, fitness equipment, household appliances and energy production. We constantly improve our offering and provide our customers with fresh ideas and new technologies to create better and more sustainable solutions. AMMEGA develops in three divisions: conveying belts, power transmission and fluid power under 12 well recognised and trusted brands.

By joining AMMEGA you can work with experienced colleagues who are fond of sharing their knowledge with you. As a team member, you will take part in trainings and workshops that will help you become the best in the field. AMMEGA will support your professional development with training and opportunities to grow your experience. Your engagement and achievements will be recognised and rewarded to make you feel satisfied and appreciated. AMMEGA gives you a comfortable and safe workspace, access to modern technologies and benefits that help employees strike the right balance between their work and home life.


AMMEGA values employees, customers and entrepreneurship and acts in an agile and responsible way. The company mission and continuous improvement culture are the foundation for solid and sustainable businesses appreciated by our customers. AMMEGA is a company where employees are trusted to make decisions and where every opinion is heard. We encourage our teams to share their ideas, and we do our best to make them happen when they make our organisation better. AMMEGA carries out an annual Organizational Health Index survey to let employees influence the further improvement of the organisation. The agile way of working means shortening the distance between ideas and implementation. AMMEGA is a global company, but works in local teams and appreciates the organisation’s diversity.


Right choices result in the right results! AMMEGA conducts business ethically and sustainably. We believe that only sustainable companies have a chance for long-term business success. AMMEGA value’s help to make the right decisions and actions. What is done today determines how the world will look like and what reality the next generations will encounter. Therefore, AMMEGA principles and values respond to the challenges of the modern world. The progress in impact on the economy, society and natural resources is communicated annually in the  UNGC Report.


AMMEGA complies with the laws, regulations, and market standards of the countries where it operates. This makes AMMEGA a reliable employer and business partner. The high-level code of conduct and internal regulations support the company culture. AMMEGA expects employees at all levels in the organisation to act according to the AMMEGA values and behaviours.


AMMEGA carefully selected people are experts in their fields. The company believes employees are the most valuable resource, and working together, our teams create an unique advantage for professional development. AMMEGA knows that building employee relations based on partnership and respect is the key to success. That’s why we develop the company culture driven by values and the diversity of AMMEGA teams spread all over the world.