AMMEGA is growing in the heart of Katowice, Poland

28 September 2022

Ammega Business Service Center in Katowice is expanding its working space into .KTW II, the most modern building in the city of Katowice.

The Business Service Center has been gathering vital roles embedding modern, global digital processes. The rapid growth of the employment level and the responsibilities held by employees require investments in talent, recent technologies and new spaces for our experts. The BSC has a real impact on business and the company’s success.

The Business Service Center offers jobs for global talents in HR, communication, marketing, social responsibility, procurement, IT, and finance. The majority of our employees cooperate on a daily basis with international teams spread all over the world.

Our long-term objective is to build the Ammega center of excellence. Our teams’ competencies, skills and global responsibilities determine the importance of the business service center on the global AMMEGA map of development.

Maciej Gwóźdź, AMMEGA Chief Executive Officer

The new office has been designed to be a comfortable open space with modern equipment providing the most comfortable working conditions. Instead of divisions by department offices, rooms are organized into sub-zones to effectively foster and support teamworking.

The Business Service Center employs over 100 employees, and this number will continue to increase. Career opportunities offered by AMMEGA in Katowice place the employer among the most attractive workplaces in the GBS sector.