We invest in our Future Leaders

10 February 2023

AMMEGA pays special attention to support our employees to become the best in their fields. Internal development programs enable our employees to grow within our organization, improving their skills, following ambitious goals and make careers move.

One of our global development programs is AMMEGA Future Leaders. In January 2023, the first two-year experience-based expedition of AMMEGA Future Leaders Program was finalized. The participants, their managers and program sponsors met in Spain to summarize, share their learnings and have an inspirational celebration. Their program has ended, but the development journey continues. The participants are willing to give back to the organization the most impactful lessons they have acquired.

Developing our employees with leadership potential ensures the success of our organization. AMMEGA supports employees in mastering their competencies and leadership skills, creating future career opportunities based on natural strengths. AMMEGA’s development programs provide our teams with what they need to succeed and overtake more and more ambitious responsibilities.

Investing in our people also answers our customers needs. Keeping our high market position and service requires engaged managers willing to develop and ready to face new opportunities.