AMMEGA supports local societies

3 March 2023

Over 50 social initiatives identified by our employees have received donations from AMMEGA in the last quarter of 2022. Noble initiatives and hundreds of people in local communities worldwide got AMMEGA’s support, and our teams got an opportunity to conduct their charity actions and commit voluntarily to local societies.

AMMEGA’s global social initiative concentrated on supporting non-government organisations whose main objective was providing aid for needy people.

AMMEGA’s employees are focused on supporting people in poverty, suffering from serious diseases or disabilities, aiding elderly people, single mothers, homeless people, orphans, and veterans. Moreover, they brace initiatives preventing suicide, violence, sex trafficking and the like.

Our employees identified social objectives not only complying with our internal policies but also those close to their hearts and the hearts of their local communities. AMMEGA’s flexible approach to our social commitment is proof that we can adjust our activity to all our stakeholders’ demands and expectations, as well as social responsibility.

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