Food Safety at AMMEGA  

16 May 2023

AMMEGA food-grade solutions are recognised as the top-performing allies in consumers' health protection. Our brands, Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne, are guided by AMMEGA food safety principles, creating a united front in maintaining business excellence and the highest quality of belts for food industry applications. This enables us to support our food-processing customers in reaching their full potential in contamination prevention.   

Interestingly, the brands’ portfolios differ. Each brand directs its innovation investments independently, even as both work to support the future, bringing their respective expertise in conveyor and power transmission belting fields to bear on new ideas. We operate this way to keep providing revolutionary food-grade AMMEGA solutions that continue the company history of innovation, superior food safety and industry knowhow. Our AMMEGA food industry solutions are certified in line with global regulations for the safe processing of food, including guidelines of the FDA and the EC and EU.    

What's more, we are strongly focused on enhancing food processing systems in ways that benefit our customers’ staff directly. Ammega believes that our dedicated  engineers and designers are one of the key reasons for our success. They build food-grade solutions that are quick and easy to assemble, operate and service, relieving end-users of unneccessary hassle and increasing satisfaction levels in the working environment. As a result, Ammeraal Beltech conveyor belts and Megadyne power transmission belts are welcomed by customer employees, as they are often already aware of the benefits that come with AMMEGA products and our high food safety standards.   

Food Grade products  

Ammeraal Beltech has developed a wide range of food-grade conveyor belts and components that follow the AMMEGA food safety concept. Choosing the right conveyor belt is critical in maintaining food safety standards, so Ammeraal Beltech provides several ways to familiarise interested parties with what's on offer. These range from scheduling calls and F2F meetings with local representatives through expert articles with tips and trends and live event shows to a dedicated Food Safety website that can help potential customers with their research. They can discover Ammeraal Beltech’s food safety opportunities for segments such as meat, bakery, fruit & vegetable, confectionery, and many more, and learn about features benefiting a range of food-handling processes, such as our Amseal technology, developed to prevent belt edges fraying and soiling, our X-ray and metal-detectable homogenous belts for foreign belt body detection, and the easy-release surfaces for sticky products.   

Megadyne offers a range of food-grade power transmission belts designed to ensure the highest standards of both food safety and performance. Our portfolio includes a variety of innovative timing belts for the food industry designed specifically to reduce belt contamination issues, such as metal and X-ray detectable XMD belts, as well as Megadyne food contact approved belts that are ideal for food processing and packaging. We also offer belts with sealed edges that prevent fluid and oil absorption and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Similarly to Ammeraal Beltech, Megadyne provides multiple channels to explore our portfolio, whether it be through scheduled meetings, calls, interesting blog articles, upcoming events, or our dedicated food safety landing page.    

AMMEGA food-grade solutions help our partners to protect consumers by adhering to the highest food safety standards set by global regulations. Our brands are guided by AMMEGA principles, and that ensures a collective operational excellence and the highest quality of belts for the food industry. Moreover, AMMEGA focus on enhancing our customers’ business operations includes providing product features that substantially decrease any servicing required for our solutions. The comprehensive ranges of superior food safety products offered by Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne are already well known and welcome in the food processing industry, but now there are more ways than ever to find out why that is and how we can help new customers.