Safety Is Our Responsibility

13 June 2023

AMMEGA Safety Days around the globe

As usual, in mid-May, employees in numerous locations participated in our annual AMMEGA Safety Days. These event plays a crucial role in developing awareness and expanding knowledge of health and safety rules, promoting our highest values, and focusing on people: health, workplace safety, and the well-being of our employees.

Dozens of events provided employees with an extensive range of opportunities, from participating in firefighting simulations, undergoing medical check-ups, and enhancing their knowledge of health and safety rules.

AMMEGA vision regarding health and safety is to reach zero harm. In the past years, having conducted several complex initiatives and cultivated a culture of safety, we have made progress towards this goal and achieved significant milestones.

As an employer, we take responsibility for providing safe working conditions. In return, we expect our teams to take advantage of what we provide to take responsibility for their behaviour and actions and to respect our safety rules and policies. The employees are crucial to the success of our zero-harm vision, which is why we are committed to ensuring that 100% of them receive site-specific health and safety training and can revise or test their skills and knowledge during events like AMMEGA Safety Day, says David Vint, Head of Safety at AMMEGA.

The annual initiative serves as a reminder of the applicable health and safety rules and the involvement of employees in creating a safe work environment and caring for their health. Events such as Safety Day provide added value by offering the opportunity to test skills and experience potentially dangerous situations. The exchange of observations within working groups, the chance to engage with experts, and the simulation of potential risk situations all hold educational value.

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