The Power of Sustainable Progress  

23 June 2023

AMMEGA Sustainability Report on Progress Revealed

AMMEGA, as a global organisation, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to sustainability through its annual publication on sustainability. The already released report on 2022 progress serves as concrete evidence of the organisation's wide-ranging initiatives, accomplishments, and dedication to corporate responsibility.

This year's publication demonstrates AMMEGA commitment to human rights, labour standards, environmental responsibility, and governance and alignment with the Ten Principles of the UNGC. Recognizing sustainability as a fundamental part of brand identity, AMMEGA improves all practices to uphold good governance, offer sustainable belting solutions, maintain a friendly and safe workplace, and foster development. AMMEGA continue transparent communication and sharing best practices to facilitate sustainable growth also among all groups of our stakeholders.

AMMEGA vision statement, to be the local partner of choice for sustainable belting solutions around the globe is, for us, more than simply words. It describes our approach and defines each decision we make and step we take. How we operate daily proves we know what acting and growing sustainably in a dynamically changing environment entail. wrote Maciej Gwóźdź, AMMEGA CEO in the foreword to the report

AMMEGA has continuously enhanced its business strategy, organisation and operations to fulfil the principles outlined in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and evidence the progress in the impact on environment, society and governance.

AMMEGA Communication on Progress Report is more than a summary of accomplishments. It serves as an indicator of our organisation's role on a local and global scale. Recognizing the importance of stakeholders, AMMEGA seeks to engage in long-term dialogues and share information on sustainable progress across various spheres.

Read the entire AMMEGA Sustainability Report on Progress to gain a comprehensive understanding of our sustainable growth or refer to the below summary to grasp the key points of the publication.


AMMEGA prioritizes environmental responsibility, investing in green energy sources while optimising energy consumption and improving daily operations to reduce the impact on natural resources. Moreover, the company made significant strides in developing innovative, sustainable products that benefit customers and stakeholders alike.


The past year presented unforeseen challenges, yet AMMEGA continued the development of sustainability activities. Notably, during the global social initiative, the organization's teams showcased exceptional social engagement by supporting 52 organizations across 19 countries. AMMEGA commitment to people extended to the workplace, as significant progress was made in creating an inclusive, safe, and healthy work environment and fostering the development of our talents.


AMMEGA commitment to sustainability includes compliance with laws, regulations, and best practices. Compliance is integral to the organization's values, integrity, and governance. Through data management and informed decisions, AMMEGA ensures transparency, facilitates ambitious development plans, and strives for excellence in sustainable growth.

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