We embrace the path of green energy

14 August 2023

A new 1167 KWH PV roof project has been completed by AMMEGA at Ammeraal Beltech manufacturing site in Suzhou, China.

The investment in China marks another project recently realised by AMMEGA. With the new investment, the estimated energy production from PV panels is expected to reach approximately 1500 MWh per year, including PV roofs in Poland, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands.

After a construction period of four months, the 1167.1 KWH photovoltaic roof project was successfully completed and connected to the power grid for energy generation. It is projected to generate around 1160 MWh of electricity annually. Additionally, the implementation will lead to a significant reduction in workshop temperatures and an equivalent reduction of 1200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and over 300 tons of dust emissions per year. This is comparable to planting approximately 70000 trees annually to benefit the Earth.

The decision to install photovoltaic power stations on the roofs and outbuildings of the AMMEGA plant in Suzhou was made to address high electricity consumption and emissions during peak hours. It also aligns with the national China energy conservation and emission reduction strategy for sustainable development.

AMMEGA invests in renewable energy sources. This transformation process will be continued in the near future. This year two additional investments will be completed, in Spain and the Czech Republic. In 2022, the roofs of our four factories in Europe collectively produced over 400 MWh of clean energy.

The completion of this project further exemplifies AMMEGA commitment to global SDG agenda. We have always placed great emphasis on sustainable growth and strive to conduct business in a manner that minimises negative impacts while maximising positive value creation for our stakeholders, employees, the environment, and the society in which we operate.

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