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AMMEGA supports local societies 3 March 2023

Over 50 social initiatives identified by our employees have received donations from AMMEGA in the last quarter of 2022. Noble initiatives and hundreds of people in local communities worldwide got AMMEGA’s support, and our teams got an opportunity to conduct their charity actions and commit voluntarily to local societies. AMMEGA’s global social initiative concentrated on […]

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We invest in our Future Leaders 10 February 2023

AMMEGA pays special attention to support our employees to become the best in their fields. Internal development programs enable our employees to grow within our organization, improving their skills, following ambitious goals and make careers move. One of our global development programs is AMMEGA Future Leaders. In January 2023, the first two-year experience-based expedition of […]

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AMMEGA is growing in the heart of Katowice, Poland 28 September 2022

Ammega Business Service Center in Katowice is expanding its working space into .KTW II, the most modern building in the city of Katowice. The Business Service Center has been gathering vital roles embedding modern, global digital processes. The rapid growth of the employment level and the responsibilities held by employees require investments in talent, recent […]

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AMMEGA competes in Poland Business Run 2022 9 August 2022

AMMEGA team from Katowice joins Poland Business Run for the first time in history. On September 4, our employees will compete in a twenty-kilometers run to support people with physical disabilities and after mastectomy. The 10 most daring and fierce athletes from the AMMEGA team submitted their declaration of participation and they are ready to […]

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SAFETY FIRST 31 May 2022

Ammega Safety Week took place on the week of 16th of May. With over 200 events held in almost all Ammega facilities worldwide, more than 6000 workers work together on our safety education and awareness. Diverse teams, diverse nationalities, cultures, origins, and languages proved their high engagement in the improvement of theHealth and safety at work. The events held […]

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UNGC Communication on Progress 2022 Report 26 April 2022

Ammega’s Group UNGC Communication on Progress 2022 Report has been published and it is essential reading for anyone interested in our ESG performance. UNGC Communication on Progress report is  an  overview  of  the  progress  made  by  the  Ammega  Group  with  regard  to  sustainability  in  2021.  It  covers  all  the  essentials  in  terms  of  our  management  […]

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